How We Began

Working as a wedding planning company on the island of Cozumel, our clients would ask us to seek out fun, creative and local gifts to give to their guests as they arrived for their wedding. Our goal was to introduce island visitors to local vendors and our baskets included handmade soaps, candles and chocolates made here in Cozumel. We loved this idea and we wanted to expand on it further. Now we are spreading our reach to the other beautiful areas in Mexico. Below we will introduce you to some of the vendors and their products so you can see for yourselves why we are so excited to offer Cozumel in a Basket for all occasions!

Cozumel Designs

Susan Feiler was always immersed in crafts and art and pursued many different artistic hobbies that grew into businesses. Originally from Chicago, she began visiting her daughter who lived in Cozumel and fell in love with the island. The tropical paradise inspired the brand “Cozumel Designs” which encompasses her love of the island and her creative outlet. She and her husband then followed their dream and retired there and she is inspired daily by the colorful lifestyle of the Mexican Caribbean. “Cozumel Designs” first became the home of her handmade fine jewelry and then after reading a book on scented soaps and the benefits of using natural products, she branched out and started researching and learning how to make natural bath and body products.   Her first soap was called Caribbean Coast, made with saltwater taken from the Caribbean, the scent and look captures what lured her to the island, and since then she has created a line of various scents and presentations guaranteed to please everyone in the household.

Kaokao Chocolates

Kaokao Chocolates is a family operated business dedicated to the creation of handmade Mexican chocolate products. Located on the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico, they have been in business since 2007. Because they are family owned, they are passionate about what they do.. It is the Mayans who considered cacao to be a sacred food and they, too, believe that there is something very enchanting about chocolate. They create a unique line of products, crafted in small handmade batches, use only natural Mexican ingredients like pure cacao butter with no additives.

Zendao Coffee

Miguel Ruiz Lavalle is Master Toaster, Founder and Production Director of Zendao. He studied Hospitality and Tourism in Montreux, Switzerland, and has worked as Barista in the prestigious coffee bar Coffee Cozumel since its origin. For some years, he has entered the world of toasting Mexican grains with great success, which has led him to the creation of his own brand of coffee. Zendao offers organic coffee from Mexico, but cultivated in the shade of the native trees of the highlands of our mountains. In this way, they not only have a coffee free of pesticides and agrochemicals, but also preserve the forests and friar beds of our country. They do not forget people: defining Zendao as sustainable drives them to care for the hands that cultivate the coffee plantations. By working directly with them, they ensure that the resources reach the Indian people of the highlands. This allows people to remain in their communities without the need to emigrate and strengthens the social fabric, preserving the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples of Mexico.

El Cielo Winery

Gustavo Ortega and Daly Negron were a big part of the Cozumel Island families, businesses and history throughout the years. After dedicating most of their lives to the hospitality industry, their dream was to retire and build a boutique hotel around a vineyard; to enjoy working to build their own paradise. After the first visit to this region they fell in love with its climate, people, landscapes, but most of all the high quality of wines that can be produced in this wonderful corner of Mexico. Inspired to bring you the best of the Old World - its mythology, art and passion - with the fresh, rich, and the magical flavors of Mexico, their mission is to produce Mexican wines with the best grapes of the Valle de Guadalupe region in Baja California. Their vision is to raise awareness and promote the consumption of wine inside and outside of Mexico, considering its quality, attributes, with the influence of the climate and soil of the Valle de Guadalupe. Gustavo and Daly hope that those who visit them, experience their facilities, and taste their wines really feel that they are in “El Cielo,” which is Spanish for “Heaven” and named after a famous landmark in their hometown of Cozumel.

Mayan Fiesta Rumcakes

Mayan Fiesta Rumcakes was started out of a love of travel. After traveling to over 140 countries, Sean and Tatyana are now reflecting their love of the Caribbean by spending their days producing high quality Caribbean Rumcakes, Mexican Margarita Cakes, and Tequila Cakes - plus whatever other cool and refreshing flavors they can come up with. Mayan Fiesta Rumcakes are baked fresh every day in Cozumel, Mexico. Only top shelf rum and tequila are used in the baking process - no milk and no water. .All cakes are FDA Registered for export and stay fresh for 8-12 months at room temperature; refrigeration will prolong the lifespan of the product without affecting the quality. This is a 100% Mexican Caribbean product, made with love in paradise!

Maya Solar: Batab Health Care

Maya Solar is the line of skin care products for sun protection developed by Batab HealthCare, a Mexican company founded in the year 2004 in Mérida, Yucatán. Their objective is to offer products developed through the study of the traditional knowledge of the local culture and people, using the Maya region's plants high in vitamins and minerals to take care and protect the skin. Their products are made using the most modern production systems to provide the best quality.Using these formulas, they created the CVC or Complemento Vitamin Cutaneous , a concentrated mixture of chaya, annatto, beeswax, palm oil and coconut. In addition, they add minerals from the Chicxulub crater, an impact crater buried underneath the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, which is said to provide some of the most powerful and effective sources of minerals for spa treatments. This forms the basis of their products, providing skin with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it requires to be healthy, smooth and moisturized when receiving the harmful rays of the sun. They care for the environment by making products known to be friendly to nature through components that facilitate their biodegradation, so they are accepted in multiple ecological parks, nature reserves and work centers where there is direct contact with flora and fauna.

Casa D’Aristi

Casa D’Aristi produces authentic, exotic, and natural rum-based liqueurs at its home in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Don Carlos Aristi, the founder, was born in Progreso, a small fishing port, in 1916. He had a heart for adventure and flavor and set off at age 19 to travel the Peninsula in search of Mayan culture, history, and specialty beverages. The Aristi family pride themselves on sustainable practices and close relationships with the farming communities. All of Casa D’Aristi products are made with 100% natural and regional quality products, and remain additive and flavoring free, focusing on quality and the authentic flavors of the Yucatan. The production process is mostly done by hand at their historic Hacienda. Everyday more than 30 artisans hand-fill and hand-finish every single bottle.

Mimiel Honey

Mimiel is a 100% Mexican company originating in the city of Merida, Yucatan. In the beginning the company was dedicated to the purchase, processing and packaging of honey for sale. Later they entered into production through the acquisition of hives and association with the bee producers of the region. At present they have more than 1200 hives distributed in 50 apiaries. The rest of the honey they pack to meet their needs is obtained from associated beekeepers of the Yucatan region. They provide training services and technical advice to enable them to increase production and perfect the quality of the honey. The company specializes in the safe handling of food with an automated line of packaging, resulting in a high quality final product. They are approved by both the Mexican National Service of Health, Safety and Agro-Food Quality and the FDA.

Orlando Vanilla Company

The owners of Orlando Vanilla Company were raised in the vanilla region of Mexico and are familiar with the vanilla plant and the importance of the proper preparation and processing required to produce the maximum flavor. In business for over 37 years, they produce a superior product. The basic difference between Orlando vanilla and other vanillas of the world is the amount of beans processed at one time. While some companies process vanilla in tons, Orlando vanilla is processed by ounces and “hand crafted” the old fashioned way in small 5 gallon batches, with the hands of their employees touching each bean. Their beans are not imported but come from the original region where vanilla was created, and are grown organically in an enclosed structure without the use of fertilizers, or insecticides. Orlando beans are aged for one to two years to develop the more than 150 different flavor components that make the vanilla bean unique.

El Sazón Casero Sauces and Marmalades

About 10 years ago the Esquivel family began producing sauces and jams in their family kitchen. Great, innovative cooks for generations, they were always experimenting with different flavors, including regional tastes. The first products that were created were the Jalapeno Jam and the Habanero Sauce with Xcatic Peppers – their grandmother’s homemade recipe. All their products are 100% handmade in Cozumel, in small batches, so they maintain the same quality, consistency and flavor that characterize their sauces and jams.